"Vanessa has such a powerful vulnerability- a capacity to hear and to trust the information she is receiving from spirit. The depth of my healing at Vanessa's mystical hands was profound. She is a gorgeous soul and holds deep medicine with her gift of intuitive healing." ~Meggan Watterson, Founder REVEAL. Hay House Speaker+Author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked

"Vanessa is a force of nature. She is incredibly intuitive, but what is most compelling about her work is that she teaches us to connect more deeply with our own intuition. Like teaching a man to fish, she allows us to become our own healer and guide."- Nisha Moodley, Fierce, Fabulous and Free

“Vanessa is a wonderfully gifted intuitive – no question is unanswerable, and no concern is left unmet. All of my experiences with her have been transformative and have provided me with deep insights, full of nuance and richly textured. She has been an invaluable treasure on my spiritual journey, and I cannot thank her enough”.- Kandace Simmons, Spiritual Strategist

Literally just had my mind and heart completely blown by the intuitive brilliance of Vanessa Codorniu. Holy sh&t. You are BRILLIANT, Sister. THANK YOU, deepest gratitude for the session and can't wait to work more with you, Goddess!- Lisa Fabrega, life detox coach, a truth-speaker & writer ”

“If you are going to Vanessa, expect to be transformed. She is fully embodied, 100% present, and meets you where you are. She sees you in your greatest light and makes sure that you see yourself in that way too. More than a healer, Vanessa awakens.” Kate Stefans, Emotional Eating Expert

“Vanessa has an exceptional gift. I recently had the opportunity to do an intuitive session with her. I found her to be gentle yet no nonsense. She was able to connect with themes that are currently looming large in my life, and provide much needed insight and inspiration. Her ability to articulate hidden depths and make the implicit explicit is truly moving. If you have questions, are seeking guidance, or just want to connect with a force bigger than yourself, you absolutely MUST speak to this modern wise woman. Absolutely amazing.”- Liz Alton, Indie Blue Media

Past Life Regression

Before working with Vanessa, I was struggling with the confidence to out myself "out there" with my work and my writing. During my session with Vanessa I felt incredible safe, deeply supported, completely at peace; and, this allowed me to go as deep as I possibly could into my subconscious and my heart to poke around and see what might be holding me back. Through my past life exploration, I clearly saw what my obstacle was, and graciously made a commitment to change. Since my experience with her I have felt more present and courageous, more aligned and willing to do the work I need to do to move forward.

Vanessa is incredibly gentle, and yet, extraordinarily powerful. If you are looking for support making change, I seriously suggest exploring the option work with Vanessa. She has a gift, and is a beautiful gem... She's a healer's healer and a masterful guide.~Jennifer Raciopi Bandes, Women’s Health+Success Coach

Intuitive session

"I'll start by saying that my session with Vanessa rocked my world!

I went to see Vanessa last year during a very uncertain time in my life. In fact it was one of the more uncertain periods in an overall uncertain two years! Needless to say, I was in dire need of some guidance. When I arrived at her door, Vanessa greeted me with so much warmth and love that I immediately felt comfortable. We sat on the floor and pretty much talked like old friends - Vanessa has a very familiar quality about her. Our session was amazing, Vanessa and I discussed all the areas in my life where I needed help and she addressed them fully. As our session continued, I felt more and more hopeful about the direction I needed to take with my relationship and my business. She was soooo spot-on! By the end of our session I felt so aligned with everything that she had told me. I knew in my gut that she was speaking to my heart and soul.

It's been a number of months since that time and everything has fallen into place. I've implemented all of Vanessa's suggestions and recommendations and as a result my relationship is stronger than it has ever been, my business is growing faster than it ever has and I feel happier than I've ever felt in my whole life! I don't think I would be where I am right now without her incredible insight and guidance. Vanessa is truly one of the most gifted women I've encountered and I am so grateful for our work together." Nicole Jardim, Women's Health Coach


“A-mazing. What can I say - Vanessa has the gift. I have been living with severe, chronic pain for ten years, and after my sessions with Vanessa I went from a '9' to a '2'. For me, that is an absolute miracle. Vanessa made me feel deeply supported and totally relaxed, and took me exactly where I needed to go. I cannot wait to work with her again - and I am recommending her to everyone I know!”-Sarah Ramey, musician & author

Intuitive session

I had connected with Vanessa several times over the phone before our reading, but had never had the opportunity to experience her incredible intuitive gifts until I had the blessing to sit with her face-to-face on the first day of 2013. I went into my session with a bit of a heavy heart and my mind racing because I had been experiencing some very significant changes in several areas of my life.

Being a Reiki Master myself, I'm rather "tuned in" to my intuition and spirituality, but I never expected someone else to hit so many details right off the bat. Not only did Vanessa tap into some of what I already had become aware of through my meditations and reiki sessions, but she gave me powerful answers and supreme clarity to all of the questions that I asked of her. She's got an amazing ability to connect to the exact words you need to hear and give you clear, concise and targeted advice that's compassionate and heartfelt. I'm so grateful that I was able to begin 2013 with her Divine guidance and I look forward to more sessions in the future. I would recommend anyone that wants crystal-clear feedback to run, not walk, to Vanessa. Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with the world

Alison Lessard, www.theholisticheroine.com


“Before starting hypnotherapy with Vanessa I was so terrified of public speaking that I hadn't gotten in front of an audience in more than 5 years. After the first session I was feeling a lot more comfortable in front of a crowd and after the third session I was able to deliver a business presentation with elegance and ease! Vanessa is a truly gifted healer and her nurturing and warm presence makes you feel instantly at peace. If you are stuck in any area of your life or facing a fear you can't overcome, Vanessa is what you have been waiting for.” - Nicole Moore, Love Coach, LoveWorks with Nicole Moore

“My reading with Vanessa offered a lifeline. The challenges I was facing resurrected hidden self-doubts. Her insights showed me the way forward and helped me release years of disappointment and hurt feelings. I am very grateful for my time with her.”
Kierra, Bodywisdom Guide & Owner at Shaking Spirit Waves 5Rhythms (R)

"Vanessa is a wonderful coach, intuitive and friend. Her grace and warmth instantly make you feel comfortable and at ease and her insight is always spot-on. Her sessions always leave me feeling refreshed, confident and sure in my mind and body. I recommended her to my roommates who both had great experiences with her. I seek her out anytime I need sound soul-wisdom. "

Stacey Lewis www.everybodysdoula.com

This woman knows her stuff! I've known Vanessa for some time now and have had intuitive readings from her in the past. I'd always wanted to do a past life regression but never felt comfortable enough with a person to do it until I met Vanessa. From the very beginning she made me feel comfortable and empowered. She explained the entire process in detail before we dove into the regression. The past life regression was amazing! I was able to tap into multiple past lives and gain a new perspective on myself, my life, why I am the way I am and where I'm heading in this lifetime. If your ready for a past life regression Vanessa is the person to see. She knows what she's doing, she's with you every step of the way and the experience is priceless. I can't wait for my next session. I'm sure there is more for me to discover about myself and Vanessa is the person to help me do it!

Amethyst, 2 Witches 1 Blog http://2witches1blog.blogspot.com/

“Awesome! I had a great session with Vanessa. She was on point with me and helped bring to light things I knew (deep down inside) but wasn't consciously addressing them. After my time with her, I felt very connected to myself and clear on what i need to do to manifest all my dreams!” – E.V

“I felt an immediate connection with Vanessa. She has a warm and welcoming vibe. In the first few minutes she told me exactly what I was like and how I had been feeling. She helped me through my issues and provided me with real guidance. I would definitely go back!”-N.Ali

I have had the opportunity to receive both intuitive readings and hypnotherapy from Vanessa and have had my confidence strengthened and experienced increased clarity about my life each time. She is a powerful guide and a gifted intuitive, and makes me feel as though I am her only concern in the world when we work together.

I have worked with a life and business coach for the past two years and have found that my work with Vanessa compliments and strengthens what I am doing with my coach. I went through a very hard life transition recently and found myself totally unable to move forward or focus on my work or goals. My sadness was causing me physical pain that was practically paralyzing. I turned to Vanessa for guidance and immediately felt an incredible release that allowed me the space and energy to dive into the work with my coach full-speed ahead. The weight I had been carrying was totally lifted, and I even had people close to me tell me I looked healthier and happier.

I am so thankful that I have Vanessa as a part of my support team and can’t say how much I recommend her to those who in the process of up-leveling their lives.

-JF, Entrepreneur

Vanessa, Thank you again for an amazing session! I'm so energized right now... I could feel your energy and love throughout our skype session! It was an instant connection for me. Thanks again! Xoxo~Glenda Serrano, Yoga Instructor & Holistic Health Coach

"Vanessa is an engine of light with the gift of identifying and illuminating a person’s soul path. I have had the pleasure of attending both her group moon circle events and individual reiki sessions and am very impressed with how she conducts herself as both an effective facilitator and participant. She has the unique ability to both lead and nurture in any situation with understanding, love and sageness resulting in a very comfortable and open forum. Her intuitive and healing nature allows her to be the ideal conduit and guide for anyone on their journey of enlightenment while providing them with the necessary tools of encouragement, knowledge and gentle guidance. Vanessa’s incredibly warm and welcoming demeanor sets the tone for a safe and fun experience in which you will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and with a little more self insight than you came in with. Simply, I consider it an honor to not only have met this very wise woman but to have the great blessing of having her in my corner as I move forward on my cobble stoned path of life. Everyone should have a little Vanessa in their pocket!"~Shana Mitchell-Boyle, The Resume Therapist

“Vanessa imbues grace and wisdom in her circles. I, for one, am always uplifted and connected to the circle of sisters she helps bring together. Her gifts help shine the light of truth (both spiritual and mundane) in a compassionate and insightful way.”~Tracy Hamilton

"Vanessa's loving, expert guidance has supported immensely in re-fashioning my out-of-date beliefs and thoughts. She has helped me learn the tools and provided me with a safe environment so that I can explore my connection to the spiritual realm. Thank you, Vanessa! You are a treasure."~ Charlotte N.